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Home Learning

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), promotes the importance that learning happens at home and not just at nursery, and how important parents are when it comes to their child's learning and development. At Playcare we encourage parents and carers to get involved with their child's learning and interests and share these with us, however small.

How we encourage home learning at Playcare:

  • All planning is based on children's interests
  • Notice boards are up throughout the nursery for you to write down what you have been up to at home or for you to see what your child has been learning at nursery
  • We want to talk to you and find out what you have been doing
  • Parent consultations and the progress check at 2 years old. Here is a great opportunity for parents to find out about their child's development but also to decide where their next steps should be
  • Look at the ideas for trying at home. This could be a new song, a cooking activity etc.

What you can do as a parent?

  • Find out about the EYFS and how you can help your child develop and learn.
  • Talk to us, tell us what you have been doing at home, what your child likes, where you have been etc.
  • Are there any development changes you have noticed, new words, letter recognition etc.. let us know
  • Write on your child's interest board
  • Come into nursery and share some time. Children show a real sense of pride and esteem when their parent comes into nursery to read a story, play or share a skill, it shows that there is a link between both home and nursery for that child
  • Bring in from home – this could be a leaflet from an outing, or a postcard etc or a painting you have done together

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