Children in a classroom

Our Nursery Groups

Poppy Group – (6 months - 2 YRS)

Our youngest children have a variety of environments in which to explore. Our ethos for this age group is to provide as much as possible the routines and care you as parents provide for your child here at nursery, with the strong attachment of a key person for all those cuddles and messy fun!

Bluebell/Sunflowers (2 - 3YRS)

This group are now becoming confident explorers. Children here love to bring their home interests into nursery, where the team will develop this. Imagination is developing as well as language, children free-flow and become confident learners in an exciting environment.

Playcare Pre-School – Heather and Meadows (3 - 5 YRS)

Our Early Years Teacher provides a stimulating environment that encourages children to learn and develop individually. Preparing our pre-school group for school, Our Early Years Teacher provides the children with good listening and turn taking skills and works within the group’s ‘Meadow Mottos’. All areas of learning and development are fostered in ways which encourage imagination and individual creativity.

Funcare Out of School (5 - 7 YEARS)

Playcare can provide after school care for part time school children attending local schools, and holiday/inset day cover where available for children up to and including the age of 7.
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